Corporate Responsibility

Giving Back to Our Community, Reducing Our Footprint

Pyome strives to reduce our carbon footprint on the planet through various green initiatives. This includes using certified green products, training our employees to follow eco-friendly practices, and enhancing our services for the benefit of the environment. We realize that going green is a positive step towards our future and thus, work towards it diligently.

In our endeavour to give back to the community we function in, we make sure that we’re good neighbours and don’t cause any damage or trouble to the areas where we operate. We also focus on helping the economically less privileged people as much as we can.

Optimum Training for Maximum Results

In order to ensure that all our employees follow our green practices and corporate social initiatives, we conduct regular training sessions and orientation from time to time. Our induction program prepares all new employees for our work culture and corporate beliefs.

We also provide technical training, system training and chemical handling solutions for our in-house team so that all our stakeholders and employees follow our safety and CSR practices.

Managing Risks, Handling Challenges

In case of high-level risk exposure in any client project, we determine various risk management arrangements to offer specific risk assessments. This can include loss of life or injury to the employees or public at the site, or damage to the property or negative publicity from security, criminal or life safety event.

We also focus on emergency planning to minimize risks and injury on site. For this reason, we provide all the necessary training and planning to handle emergencies. In fact, all our procedures conform to the safety standards and requirements. In case of an issue, we’re available 24x7x365 with the right tools and solutions.

Local Support, Global Performance

With our local support, you can expect a quick response to any queries along with effective service performance. Our team is responsible and motivated, towards our clients and our objectives towards society. Our close-knit support is always just a phone call away. But our performance is as good as any top-notch global company! We take up your non-core task management so that you can control and monitor your operating costs more efficiently.

Backed by our proprietary technology that’s specific to facilities, you can expect accurate information with easy access. This analysis can support your business for better decision-making and brighter futures.