Property Management Services

Our property management team provides customized solutions to your infrastructure needs while upholding the highest global service standards. We understand that property investment is subject to various financial dynamics including yield, security, mortgage, and more. Our strength lies in getting the balance right, enabling you to lower costs and boost ROI.

Backed by our partnership with one of the leading technology firms – Briclay, we’re able to deliver a comprehensive application with a dashboard to track and maintain all cash flow related to property management. By bringing together business processes, technology, user experience and operations, we embrace digital capabilities for your benefit.

When you want to let out your property, it needs the right preparation. This involves dealing with mortgage lenders, sorting out rent collection, tax matters, insurance cover, utility bills, civil supervision, vendor management, space management, keys and inventories, acquiring safety certificates for gas, electrical and appliances etc.

Pyome, as your property manager, can manage all of these tasks on your behalf. Once your property is ready for tenants to move in, we will also manage it throughout the tenancy, providing regular account statements along the way.

Benefits of Choosing Pyome as your Property Manager

  • Technology Based Property Management Services along with Property Management Software
  • Complete Property Management
  • Timely repair and maintenance with expertise
  • Annual safety Audits : Electrical, Environmental and Plumbing & Water Systems
  • In- house team expertise deployment
  • Half-yearly Audits and inspection
  • An excellent property manager for your property portfolio
  • Consultation for Formation of Residential Association and coordination
  • Specific Asset Documents Checklist and process implementation
  • Consultation for Property Compliance Documentation

Financial Management

There’s a lot of accounting involved when you own properties. If you don’t have the time to handle the finances, let our trusted experts do it for you. We can make payments like insurance, mortgage or HOA dues on your behalf and offer documentation of all expenses. The annual reporting also helps in taxes while our financial advisors suggest relevant tax dedications for your rental property. Look forward to easy to read monthly cash-flow statements which offer a detailed breakdown of income and itemized expenses.

Tenant Management and Acquisition Control

Looking to rent out your property? Let us evaluate it to determine an accurate rental rate. We then start screening tenants and select the right one as per your needs. Our team will handle all aspects of pre and post-occupancy, legal matters, move-in, move-out and inspections for you. So that you can enjoy the perks of your investment, without having to deal with the challenges.

Property Maintenance

Successfully handling a property requires time, energy and control. When you’re noticing wastage of time and resources in managing your property, and lack coordination and overview, give us a call. We can improve your building operational performance with the help of global best practices and real-time data. Our integrated property management services help convert your property into prosperity.

Let us look after your property’s end to end (enteral and external) maintenance. We handle everything from property administration to the parking management, vendor management and safety and security on the premises. Trust us to deliver help desk services, too, on your behalf.