Our Specialized Services

With Pyome, we help businesses work better. Our services drive the engagement of people, reduces the impact on our environment and helps in protecting and managing your property. Combining data, insights and service excellence, we help corporate offices, residential buildings, airports, factories, and other locations around the world function smarter.

All our services can be tailored to suit the exact client requirements. Get our services on board to see how we mitigate risks, engage with your people and premises and add a human touch in every aspect of our business. Though technology plays a major role in our services, it is the connect, concern, and care of our executives that make our services stand apart.

Integrated Facility Management

As an award-winning integrated facility management company, we assist you in optimizing your costs, managing operations and maintaining all services under one roof. Our dedicated, strong and highly trained professionals don’t just manage or troubleshoot your premise challenges but deliver a seamless integration of people, processes, and systems.

  • Engineering & Environmental Services
  • Admin and Office Support Services
  • Safety and Security Services

Property Management Services

Property management is all about supporting your endeavour of creating and maintaining wealth. We help you maximise revenue by lowering operational costs and do so while ensuring the highest levels of service. Get complete peace of mind, 24x7, and highest returns on your investment with our tech-savvy property management solutions.

  • Technology Based Property Management Services along with Property Management Software
  • Consultation for Formation of Residential Association and coordination
  • Timely repair and maintenance with expertise
  • Annual safety Audits : Electrical, Environmental and Plumbing & Water Systems
  • In- house team expertise deployment
  • Half-yearly Audits and inspection
  • An excellent property manager for your property portfolio
  • Complete Property Management
  • Specific Asset Documents Checklist and process implementation
  • Consultation for Property Compliance Documentation

Energy Management

Energy management has been at the heart of our operational service delivery. With our energy conservation and management services, businesses are able to strengthen their bottom lines.Our experts work with you to understand how you buy and use energy, and find ways to reduce your bills without capital expenditures.

Energy bills are often the largest overhead costs for a company. Our expertise ranges from engineering – electrical, mechanical, and processes, to environmental – science and management, business, accounting, and other solutions, too. We help you make real and lasting improvements that optimize your energy usage and lower your power consumption.

  • Pluming, Fire and Water System Audit
  • Energy Audit/Power Quality Audit
  • IT Thermograph
  • Sanctioned Load Analysis and Power Savings
  • HVAC and Chillers Audit and other solutions
  • Building & Factory Air Quality and Environmental Audit

Project Management and Electrical Turnkey Project Execution

Our dedicated project management services are known for flexibility, promptness and cost-effectiveness. We are the most renowned service provider engaged in providing top notch quality services for renovation, upgrades, new space designs, consultancy and fit-outs.

We deliver state-of-the-art design, installation and support to meet all your turnkey projects needs. We service the commercial, industrial and public sector industries. At Pyome, we’re committed to implement the latest technologies and industry best practices to provide our clients with efficient solutions needed for success in today’s marketplace. We serve clients with experience, quality, dedication, and professionalism and as a result, have become leaders in providing electrical, security & safety systems and interior project execution services in South India.

  • Industrial and Commercial Electrical Turnkey Project Management and Executions Services
  • Internal and External Electrical Augmentation service
  • Office Interior Turnkey Project Execution Service
  • Security System Turnkey Project Execution

Renewable Energy

Solar energy is green, clean, reliable and infinite. Plus, it powers everything that grows on our planet. That’s why at Pyome, we believe that it is the energy of the future. With our sustainable and cost-effective renewable energy solutions, we help businesses embrace the power of solar.

With our solar rooftop solutions, you get unparalleled energy and many revenue generation opportunities, too. We strongly believe that residential and commercial roofs are the most underutilized assets and adding our solar solutions can offer long-term benefits.

Our Solar EPC solutions include Engineering, Procurement, and Construction phases of your solar project.

Our team undertakes the entire project from concept to commissioning, maintenance, and testing. This ensures that all logistics, installation, assembly and other aspects are taken care of by our team so that you can look forward to enjoying the benefits of renewable energy, without having to worry about the hassles. Whether you need solar LEDs, water pumping solutions, petrol pumps, off-grid, on-grid, or hybrid systems, we can complete the project in record time.

Not to mention, we give you a detailed and accurate quote with no hidden costs. As a result, your switch to solar is smooth, seamless, and cost-effective.

  • Solar Rooftop Solutions
  • Solar EPC
  • Solar LED, Water Pumping, Petrol Pumps, Etc.

Warehouse Management

Get us on board to raise the quality of your logistics and coordinate your demands in the supply chain. Our experts can help optimize your stocks and create new opportunities.

Backed by our flexible warehouse deployment methods and practices, we find the right manpower resource to warehouses support activities. Our knowledgeable resources help customers use optimum storage capacity, even for complex demands like dedicated warehouses.

Our standardized processes and state-of-the-art-IT-systems can be customized to the needs of our customers. We integrate several warehousing services like procurement- and outbound logistics, and offer a variety of commissioning procedures and storage strategies (e.g. FIFO)

Individual requests are processed manually or automatically. These value-added services facilitate a consistent and complete solution. We service all enterprise sizes and offer optimal solutions for everything from simple storage to fully automated high-bay warehouses.

  • Complete Internal warehousing management
  • Liasoning with Government approval
  • Warehousing Software
  • Purchasing

Telecom Operation and Maintenance Services

Pyome has a special vertical in our operations and maintenance services for the Telecommunications Industry. Our expertise includes handling cutting edge technology and providing innovative solutions to enable higher uptime in a highly demanding industry.

Our trained and experienced in-house team’s capability covers all existing/legacy systems as well as futuristic technologies coupled with our core values to ensure quality service delivery.

  • Mobile Network Yard Utility Operation and Maintenance Service
  • OFC operation and Maintenance

Equipment Maintenance Services

In an industrial or a commercial setting, equipment plays an important role in the smooth functioning of the business. We understand that it is essential for your equipment to function 100% as per expectations and avoid surprises that add to your costs, disturb your schedules, and can potentially damage your reputation, too. That’s why our highly specialized, local maintenance teams offer fast maintenance, repair and replacement of all kinds of industry equipment.

Whether it is the generators, HVAC or transformers, we offer optimum care for minimum downtime. Our repair services include the diagnosis, repair, and testing of your equipment by our technicians.

Our cleaning and calibration services help maintain your equipment to the best of their capabilities.

  • Diesel Generator Service ( B & C Check) and Breakdown Activities
  • Transformer Oil Filtration and breakdown
  • Security Systems ( CCTV, Access Control, Fire Alarm, Public Address System, Sprinkler System, Gas Suppression System)
  • HVAC / Chillers System
  • Earth Pit Recondition and construction Electrical Earth Pit
  • Panel Board Services
  • STP & WTP Services

Infrastructure Consultancy

As a leading infrastructure consultancy company, we have been an important stakeholder in the infrastructure development in many parts of the country. We handle various roles to manage the coordination and support activities required in the completion of an infrastructure project.

We can obtain the necessary Government licenses, get approvals from statutory bodies, support activities for faster completion of the project, and much more.

A number of government agencies and private entrepreneurs trust our infrastructure consultancy services for their development projects. Backed by our highly professional staff and expertise in all sectors of infrastructure, we’re able to deliver international standard services at affordable prices.

  • Concerned for establishment
  • Concerned for operations
  • KERC /BESCOM / CEIG Initial Power Sanction Certificate
  • Solar Renewable Energy - High Tension Commissioning Approval
  • State Pollution Control Board Compliance Approval
  • Building Fire & Safety / Explosive Approval